Plug-OUT Hybrid car

Plug-in Hybrid? Yes but what about a Plug-OUT Hybrid?

The Original Twist Plug-in Hybrid featured on this site has some useful components in it which can be used for many other purposes:-

12bhp petrol motor
20bhp electric motor battery pack
Power shaft close to the rear luggage rack

We’re looking at such a hugely versatile mobile power house that it’s hard to imagine all the potential uses. I’ll leave that to you but here’s my first selection:-

Domestic UPS
A small inverter connected to the batteries will provide 240V a.c. which can power a house for hours. This feature will augment the battery pack that off-grid P.V. systems will have anyway.

Grid balancing
When electric cars go mainstream the grid will bid for their stored power via smart meters. A parallel hybrid will always be able to sell power when the price is right and still make the next journey.

Electric generator
The batteries can be kept topped up by the 9bhp petrol motor charging via the electric motor on the other end of the power shaft. Extended power cuts won’t be a problem.

Mobile power supply
The vehicle can deliver d.c. and a.c. power wherever it goes. The range of power tools that can be driven is endless and this will empower trades people and farmers alike.

Power shaft
It just takes an extra pulley on the power shaft to provide drive to anything bolted to the rear luggage rack. The picture here shows a compressor but it could be a lathe, a potters’ wheel, a wood chipper, a water pump ….. etc etc.
A rear p.t.o. is also easily arranged for light duty mowing, for example.

No problems with lighting and cooking when you go camping in a Plug-OUT Hybrid.

The Honda GX petrol motor takes just minutes to refit into a go-kart and it’s already modified with racing parts to suit.

If ever there was an automotive Swiss Army Knife this is it.

Swiss Army Knife?

Swiss Army Knife?

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