Bug-R-Off bug catcher gun

Bug-R-OffBug-R-Off Bug catcher
Spiders, scorpions, wasps, creepy leggy things; Bug-R-Off gets them all.

The Original Twist bug catcher enables any bug in the house to be captured with a single press of a trigger. It works like a one shot Hoover with a spring loaded piston causing an air blast to move the bug from a wall to inside the bug viewer.
The bug catcher is a short clear plastic tube with a funnel shaped trap at the front to enclose the bug and a cylinder off the side where the bug ends up after firing. The side cylinder is also clear plastic and incorporates a magnifying glass for better bug inspection.
The firing sequence. The piston has to be pulled to the front with a pull rod until it locks on the trigger stop. The pull rod is then pushed back into the gun and only then does an interlock allow the trigger to be pressed. When the trigger is pressed a spring pulls the piston back into the body of the gun and the vacuum causes air to enter the funnel trap and blast the bug into the gun too. Perforations at the back of the gun regulate the back pressure air and a twist collar can set the power from ‘Kill’ to ‘Kind’. There is a small hole at the very back of the gun which allows air to escape from the damper chamber which is simply where the back end of the piston ends up coming to a soft stop.
Just as the piston comes to a stop it uncovers the entrance to the bug viewer; the bug slams into the angled face of the piston and is deflected into the bug viewer along with some of the moving air. The entrance port to the bug viewer has some bendy hairs which give way to the bug and air but spring back to prevent the bug climbing out. After that the bug can be inspected and ejected by removing the bug viewer canister.

You saw it on Original Twist first. If you wish to use this design please get in touch using the contact form.


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