The Talking Frizbee

Description:  A frizbee that doubles as a speaker. It can record sounds or speech and replay them them with a time delay. A plug in the centre body enables a media player or phone to be attached when the frisbee acts like a static loud speaker.

Method: The plastic shell of the frizbee holds a central module that incorporates a driver (probably made by Peerless) working on NXT technology. This is what vibrates the frisbee to make sounds. The technology is not new and a licence from NXT will be required. A rechargeable battery and memory module are incorporated and a USB port for charging..

In action:  Set the timer, record a message then throw the frizbee. It will deliver the message while flying overhead or when caught. A new message can then be recorded and the frizbee thrown back.

The Market: This could be the next big thing in toys. Potential sales are therfore in the millions.