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A word before you go.

No doubt you are either building a new house or updating an old one and looking for the latest ideas on modern heating. To a large degree you are entering a world where many ideas are completely out of date and will lead you to a outmoded system.  Your house deserves the latest and best ideas so please read on.
As a designer of many systems using heat banks to integrate wood, solar, gas and heat pumps I might be able to help you.  After many installations a set of matched components that work harmoniously has emerged. That is to say, the best heat bank in Europe from Specflue and the best stove, the Clearview 750, both of which I can supply and check suitability with you.
Of course the heat pump in its many guises will help to alleviate the world’s energy problems and it is likely to be at least part of your strategy too. Just be aware that the implementation is often naive and the industry, in my opinion, is not totally up to speed. We on the other hand can have a useful discussion on virtual stratified twin tank systems that solve all the problems that invariably crop up.

By the way; eco-heating is usually much simpler and cheaper than you would imagine and very suitable for DIY, just make sure to get the best advice before you start.

If you are interested in an unbiased heating survey or in attending a heating seminar near W.Sussex please use the contact form to get your e-mail on my list or drop me a line for a chat.

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More on this topic in LIST OF POSTS


The perfect heat bank

The perfect heat bank

The best stove

The best stove

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